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HIIT, Recharge or Challenges @ Home? Go for it!

Our VIRTUAL STUDIO brings the RED ZONE to your home! The HIIT SESSIONS are designed to make you sweat, get your heart rate pumping and burn those calories. The virtual RECHARGE SESSIONS aim to relax, relieve and slow down the body and mind – and give you new energy for the next HIIT session. Join our different PROGRAMS and CHALLENGES to be even more motivated and to get everything out of it. No matter if you are a beginner or a superhero, we offer workouts for every level.


What OUR Heroes think

Dejan P.

Dejan P.

Senior Key Account Manager (Homeoffice)

Das Training ist für mich der perfekte Ausgleich zum Schreibtisch. Meine Mittagspausen verbringe ich dadurch fit und schwitzend ;-)
Emilia T.

Emilia T.


I love Hiit! Urban Heroes is now part of my morning routine. I start the day with HIIT and Recharge! Thank you Urban Heroes!
Annalena K.

Annalena K.


Noch nie so geschwitzt in meinem Wohnzimmer! Erst Hiit, dann Recharge - besser gehts nicht! Beginner Level ist für mich ausreichend...

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If you have questions please contact us via email (hamburg.sweats@urbanheroes.com)! Visit our main website to get to know us even better: urbanheroes.com